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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see some answers to frequently asked questions below. If you require more information, please get in touch with us here.

Can I see a female gynaecologist?

Absolutely! We have two friendly female gynaecologists who you can meet with if it helps you feel more comfortable.

I am located out of Wellington, can I still see you?

While we are based in Wellington, we also offer teleconference consultations via Zoom.

What will happen on my first visit?

This will include a thorough assessment of your concerns. We may wish is to examine you and perform an ultrasound scan. On occasion, we may require a second appointment to thoroughly evaluate your needs.

I am worried about needing surgery, will I need it?

At Central Gynaecology, we will thoroughly discuss all of your options and allow you to make an informed choice. If surgery is the best option, we offer minimally invasive surgery.

Is it okay if I have my period at the time of consultation?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to have your period at the time of consultation.

Do I need a GP referral?

Generally speaking no. But it would be useful to bring as much information with you as possible including blood results and ultrasound reports or get your GP to forward us the relevant information.

Do I need to have insurance?

You do not need insurance to see us. If you require surgery, we may need to refer you to your local district health board (DHB) for a further assessment. We cannot access the public surgical wait list directly. The private hospital can also provide a quote for self-funded surgery.